Saturday, 7 June 2008

Weller Again.

22 Dreams. I've only been listening to it today, but it's already one of my favourite Weller records for years. There are some top tracks on it. (Okay here comes the daylight edit:) I've only just been able to play it at volume. What's apparent this morning is that I like it even more. But what's more apparent is that Weller would appear to have been listening to late 70s Bowie. There's more than one track that sounds like it's come from Heroes or Low. Including a strange synth instrumental.

There's some very Bowie-esque vocals. Mind, I've always thought they were very similar vocally. Even if Weller claimed not to be a fan.

I'll maybe get around to posting some tunes at some point, but my Mediafire appears to be on a go-slow this morning. So in the meantime here's one of the more immediate tunes, Have You Made Up Your Mind from Jools Holland's Later.


dickvandyke said...

He appeared on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross last night - also doing 'Changing Man'. Good piss-take of the barnet too.
For those who missed it, try ..

Simon said...

I saw that; he's a bit on fire at the moment I think.