Friday, 27 June 2008

Sounds For Sunday pt 2: Something Funky For Friday...

OK, I'm sitting up at 2.30 listening to a tune on repeat, while I'm sorting out some business before I head off. I think you're gonna like this one....

It's by the Young Disciples. But this isn't the early 90s Acid Jazz bunch. This tune comes from 1968 and features Larry Williams on lead vocals. Apparently the same Larry Williams responsible for Dizzy Miss Lizzy and Bonie Maronie. And the band...dunno too much about them, but I have to say, I've not heard many people funkier....whew.....I simply had to share to this with you!

If anybody can fill me in on some more detail than that I'll be grateful!

I dare you to listen to this without wanting to dance!

Young Disciples - Crumbs From The Table


Uncle E said...

Can't fill you in, but I can say "great blog"! Just came across it, and will be putting a link up on my little music site, if that's okeedokee w/ you!
And, speaking of funky, have you tried "Psychedelic Soul", a comp of the Temptations greatest late 60's 70's grooves? It's worth investigating, if you like "The FUNK".

ally. said...

sorry for the outrageous delay but i've been too busy ddancing to type - what a find - well done you

Simon said...

Welcome Uncle E! Give me a minute or two to get my head together after a busy week and I'll add you to my listings.

Ah The Temptations: I love their psychedelic soul period. Top stuff!

Ally: It's damn good isn't it? ;)