Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Love Bites

Mr Planet Mondo posted a track yesterday called 'Don't Falter' by Mint Royale, which featured Lauren Laverne which led met to dig out Kenickie, the band Lauren had fronted in the 90s.

Their first album 'At The Club' was a punky pop feast, like an (almost) girl group Ramones. For their second album 'Get In', Kenickie went all Saint Etienne, all strings and brass and summery vibes. It didn't go down as well as the first album and Kenickie split up. But it was a damn shame because 'Get In' is one of the lost classics of the 90s. Fantastic sounding pop music, great vocals, really good lyrics; just great!

(I was at the Reading Festival one year - 96 I think - and Kenickie were wandering around, really dressed up, the girls in party dresses and the drummer in a very Mod suit. They were also wearing Mickey Mouse ears. They looked like stars!)

Kenickie - Stay In The Sun
Kenickie - I Would Fix You
Kenickie - 60s Bitch


Davy H said...

These are lovely Simon. I HEART Lauren, but all I remember of Kenickie is poppy-thrash Word-appearancing cheeky thrills throwaway mallarkey - and nothing wrong with that - but this is on another level all2geva :)

Simon said...

Glad you approve mate. Try and track down the album; it's pretty damn good!

Planet Mondo said...

Thanks for these Simon - I'm firewalled at work today (not in the usual office you see), but will spin 'em up tonight.

Planet Mondo said...

Oh yes - this is right up my sunny street. I'm on a real pop buzz this summer.

ally. said...

she is just unbearably fab. i'm glad the pop star thing didn't work cos we might never've had her on the telly.