Monday, 16 June 2008

Milton Wright and The Terra Shirma Strings

Here's a couple of classic Northern dancers. Actually it's one tune: the instrumental "The Gallop" and the vocal version "I Belong To You". If I had to pick one I'd go for the vocal 'version'. It's simply gorgeous; and those of those tracks that freezes you on the spot while your brain says: Whoa we've got a live one here!!!

The tracks I've got in the rather large bundle of tunes I got the other week....I can't stop dancing!!

So push back the carpet, dust those floorboards with talc and get dancing with me!!

(nerd fact of the day: Milton Wright is the brother of the amazing Betty Wright.)

Milton Wright And The Terra Shirma Strings - The Gallop
Milton Wright And The Terra Shirma Strings - I Belong To You


Planet Mondo said...

'The Gallop' is a cracker - would make a great long lost theme tune.

ally. said...

tuuuuuuunne - i banging my elbow on the door handle dancing - you'll be hearing from claims direct

ally. said...

banged even. i'll never dance again...

Simon said...

ah no; I did that myself the other day! Ouch!


But even this song is worth the pain? Surely?