Sunday, 15 June 2008

Sounds For Sunday

Happy Fathers Day to any of the dads out there! If the day becomes just a little too much for you find a quiet corner, close your eyes and immerse yourself in the smooth sounds of The Isley Brothers. 3 tracks, nearly 20 minutes; an oasis of calm in an otherwise busy world!!

Have a good day!

The Isley Brothers - Make Me Say It Again Pt 1&2
The Isley Brothers - For The Love Of You Pt 1&2
The Isley Brothers - That Lady Pt 1&2


dickvandyke said...

Thanks Simon. I'm spent.

5 hrs at the National Railway Museum with a deaf 84 year old curmudgeonly incontinent old boy in a wheelchair. I keep tellin meself, we'll all be like that 1 day. Roll on!

Right. Time for some peace up the shed with a beer and some football.

Simon said...

I've been like that since I was a kid. No wheelchair, although going to work in the morning might be more interesting.

Deaf, curmudgeonly. Tick. Incontinent. Only on Thursdays!

So It Goes said...

What happens on Wednesday to cause that then, buddy??? do tell.
Lovely tracks; however, I feel you missed a couple of tricks by not including 'Summer Breeze' and 'Harvest For The World'...but maybe that's just wanting to have my cake and eat it.

Simon said...

I limited myself to the tracks with pt 1 & 2, of which the Isleys did a lot of.

Those others may show themselves some other time......

We don't talk about Wednesdays!

Planet Mondo said...

Great choices - have you checked out The Isley's 'Get Into Something' great funky drum break in the middle which makes it perfect for mixing into something else (I usually go for Ananda Shankar 'Jumping Jack Flash)

Simon said...

Don't recognise the title; doesn't mean I don't have it though. I don't always remember titles, especially these days when I'm not sitting there devouring album sleeves with my eyes like I used to.

They're great, the Isleys. They don't seem to get quite the...praise as some people do. Although overall they're probably one of the most successful, if not THE most successful of all the soul acts ever.

Not keen on paying taxes though....

Simon said...

guess what? I've got that track!! You're right, the break section is great!!!!!