Thursday, 19 June 2008

Nick Heyward

This is lovely.

Nick Heyward - Club Boy At Sea


Planet Mondo said...

It's quite XTC isn't it? Someone lent me his album 'Tangled' I shelved it for months - and thought, better give it a blast before giving it back - totally blew me away.You can get it new and used £1.94 from Amazon. Buy it, buy it and buy it again. Try this from it London

Simon said...

This is from his first solo album North Of A Miracle, which is gorgeous, all strings and brass, produced by Geoff Emerick who engineered all the 1966 and after Beatles, Wings' Band On The Run and Costello's Imperial Bedroom albums. It's a great album, well worth checking out!

Planet Mondo said...

I've got 'From Monday To Sunday' too - so will by grabbing 'North Of A Miracle' thanks for the tip.