Thursday, 26 June 2008

Sounds For Sunday On A Thursday

I'm away from the blog this weekend and into the start of next week. Weddings, families and drinking. You know the kind of thing.

So I'm going to leave you with some dancers that will sound good while you drink cold beers or eat some barbecue in the sun we're undoubtably going to have. I mean come on, Glastonbury's on this weekend right? Never rains for festivals!

Give the Fabulous Emotions a listen if you can't do them all. A great little dancer!

So have yourself a good weekend. I certainly intend to while I laze about in the country.....

Johnny Rogers - Soul Food
Disciples Of Soul - That's The Way Love Goes
The Jades - I'm Where It's At
John Wesley - Love's Such A Funny Thing
Patti Austin - You Didn't Say A Word
Fabulous Emotions - Number One Fool


ally. said...

this is great - yet another big batch of smashers i've never bleedin' heard of. have a lovely weekend heartface

Planet Mondo said...

My good gawd - what a fistful of winners (I only knew the Patti Austin/James Bond sound a like tune) - so when are you bringing some of your souls stompers over to PM for a guest spot on 'Funky Friday'?

Simon said...

Funky Friday eh? I'll have to do some thinking about a suitable standard of tune to do that justice!

In the meantime, before I disappear for the weekend: head to Sounds For Sunday pt 2 for an absolutely storming tune...