Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Tuesday Sunshine

Rol at Sunset Over Slawit is doing a series about days of the week in music. It's Tuesday today over there, so I thought I'd post my favourite day of the week song ever.

Tuesday Sunshine came out around this time in 1984...25 years ago...wow. I was in the middle of being ill, stuck at home for a month, and I absolutely hated every song on the radio, which all seemed to be songs from Footloose, a film I still haven't seen all the way through. The Questions were one of the groups on Paul Weller's Respond Records and had released one of my favourite singles of 1983, The Price You Pay. So you can imagine I was quite excited to get my hands on Tuesday Sunshine. I played it over and over again, quite annoying my mum.

Listening to it now it's not quite the classic it seemed. Great vocals, musically a mix of Weller's Speak Like A Child and the Chairman Of The Board's Everything's Tuesday. It's great, but unlike The Price You Pay, I don't listen to it much anymore. It is however perfect for a sunny March morning.

The Questions didn't last much longer, releasing one album that summer. Paul Barry, vocals and bass is now a songwriter for hire, famously being one of the writers of Cher's Believe.

Happy Tuesday!!

The Questions - Tuesday Sunshine


dickvandyke said...

I recall some of the Respond days as if it were yesterday. Other bits must've dizzolved in the bottom of a beer glass. (Or the plink plink fizz the next morn).

The A Craze, Vaughn Toulouse Main T Posse, every other word seemed to be 'groove'. Tracie was 1 of my chief reasons for going along to Leeds Uni to check it out. I think she only did a couple of tracks - aged about 17. I think The Questions weren't too impressed by her name up the top of the bill. But she'd had the big hit after all.

For all the bubbling enthusiasm that the Respond idea promised, as is oft said, "Ideals don't pay the bills".

Tuesday Sunshine hasn't passed the test of a silver anniversary. It does sound a bit of a Wham! album track to my ears now. Sorry Simon.

Weller was mixing with the Wham! boys back then I recall - and DC Lee would have been brightening things up in the cappuccino bars whilst recording behind George and Andrew with pre-Pepsi Shirley - and also Animal Nightlife who were on Wham's label.

Sorry mate - am going on a bit ...

Thanks for the memory prod.

Davy H said...

"Young Guns Go For It - go for what, exactly?" - PW.

drew said...

Wham Bam - I Am A Man

Simon said...

No, definitely it does sound like Wham; I played The Questions to some guys at school back in the day and that's what they said too. But I quite like Wham, production was wimpy, but George could/can sing better than most.

JC said...

wish I had read this before shving up the TSC posting today at TVV.

I remember seeing The Questions umpteen times supporting The Jam. Was never moved to rush out and buy anything tho'.

But I'll pinch this....