Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Random Play: Madness

Is it just me that thinks the theme tune to The Sweeney was the blueprint to the Madness sound?

"We're The Sweeney, son, and we haven't had our dinner yet"

Madness - Embarrassment
Madness - Our House
The Sweeney Theme


dickvandyke said...

You could be right there, me old cock sparrer.

That line from John Thaw as Jack Regan kinda sums it all up. And the way that all of life's traumas could be sorted with a bottle of Scotch.

Was just thinking today how certain Theme music encapsulates the subject forevermore.

I mean, just listen to 'The Stripper' and see if you don't get up and prance about with a pink feather boa. Heck, I know I do.
It's a real bugger when it comes on in Asda!

Davy H said...

They play The Stripper in Leeds Asda?


dickvandyke said...

By Jove, yes Davy.

Asda started in Leeds y'know as 'Associated Dairies' selling yer gold top just after the War. Their HQ remains in Leeds (notwithstanding a certain ahem Wal-mart thumbprint).

It is due to this Yorkshire connection that they have carte blanche to play what they like over the tannoy within Leeds & District.

Why only today, as I tried on a pair of trendy brown George Y-Fronts, I heard a caustic NWA 12 inch, followed by 'A Windmill In Old Amsterdam' and some early Mac & Katie Kassoon.

Planet Mondo said...

Have you got your Psychic Radar fine tuned or summat - I had this exact phrase in my head after listening to a downloaded mix (mail you the details and links later)?