Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Random Play: The Smithereens

Sometimes a song takes you back so vividly that you can feel the sun on your face from a summer over twenty years ago.

The Smithereens are a New Jersey based power-pop band that have been around for nearly 30 years. Back in the mid 80s they released this single, with an old friend of theirs Suzanne Vega on gorgeous backing vocals. Her presence helped get the track played on radio, I bought it and played it to death; smoking cigarettes late at night, cursing lyric writers who could catch my state of mind so easily. "I'm alone and lonely every night" as the slow jazzy acoustic groove smouldered away.

Ah broken hearts. Bastard bastard things. Thankfully the only trace of a fractured aorta is in the songs of my life....

The Smithereens - In A Lonely Place


WZJN said...

Wonderful song from a great band. Many tracks to mine from the Smithereens!

Planet Mondo said...

Had a few of their late 80s early 90s numbers too (on 12"?)

Have you checked out Meet The Smithereens - their complete cover of The Beatles 'Meet The Beatles' US album - it's fab.

Simon said...

Hadn't gotten around to that, was reminded about that last night. Next on the list!!