Saturday, 21 March 2009

Random Play: Dodgy

Not exactly random, but one of the un-posted uploaded tracks I had access to whilst sitting at the in-laws on a Saturday morning.

Good Enough, probably Dodgy's biggest hit, is such a summer feel-good tune. The summer of 96 was pretty damn good, looking back it counts as one of my favourite summers ever. Good good times. It was such a hopeful time, sunshine, good music, a new band I was starting, new friends. It really felt like the beginning of something. In hindsight it was a slight detour. I'm not sure things were as good as that for some time after. But anyway they were as good as that, and much better. So there's always an upside...

I love this track because it's a great track, but also because that feeling of hope is in it's grooves. I know it wasn't just me at the time, because I've talked about this with other people and they point at the approaching Labour government, Oasis and Blur, any number of dance tracks, Pulp and that other grooves full of hope track from the time Wake Up Boo! There really was a feeling in the air at the time, and that was before the beer or chemicals kicked in.

Funnily enough, and it may be the impending parenthood, but I'm starting to feel like that about this year. It'll be more than good enough!


adam said...

I can't believe you've gone through the feel good things about the summer of 96 and not mentioned the football!

Simon said...

There you go, see, the football as well; man the nights down the pub that summer. I hadn't forgotten those!