Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Random Play: Wet Wet Wet

Wet Wet Wet. I know. I know. Yes, that song. It did my head in too. I won't mention it, so you don't get it into your heads. Fifteen bloody weeks at number one though. Yeah, it definately did my head in.

But I'll let you into a little secret. I own their first two albums. Actually I think I've three albums, because there's one they did with Willie Mitchell in Memphis.

Anyway, despite being a fairly slick pin up band they were musically into a lot of the same stuff I listen to and post on here - for instance Dexys and Costello and old soul. So when my sister got a huge crush on their keyboard player back in the 80s I listened to their albums when she was out, having to buy them later on for myself.

Here's a couple of b-sides from their early singles. The first Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight is a James Taylor tune that the Isley Brothers once covered to great effect, and the second World In Another reminds me of one of Wet Wet Wet's other favourites Scritti Politti for some reason.

These are probably my favourite recordings by them, just because they're not as slick as some of the more known tunes. And Marti Pellow was a great singer.

Yeah. I know. But I don't care!

Wet Wet Wet - Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight
Wet Wet Wet - World In Another


dickvandyke said...

It's a fair one Simon.
As I said to the masochist, "No need to beat yerself up about it".

drew said...

Simon, Simon, Simon, just back from a great couple of gigs and I am confronted with this abomination.

Have you been sampling the gas and air?

Simon said...

heh heh heh; told you it was 'random'

pathfinderpat said...

Hey Simon.
At first I thought this might be an April Fools joke, what would the smiling chesire cat and all. And this was reinforced when I tried to download their James Taylor cover. It's actually Alton Ellis' wonderful version of It's a Shame from an earlier post.
Wet Wet Wet certainly did themselves no favours with THAT song, but I had a friend who had Popped In, Souled Out on LP and I quite liked it. If I remember correctly, Don't Let Me Be Lonely was on it. They also got into a bit of trouble for ripping off lyrics from both Squeeze AND John Martyn for their hit, Sweet Little Mystery.
It's a Shame I didn't get to hear the JT cover, but no harm done

Simon said...

Lol, that's twice you've caught me on something this week!

Link fixed. Bloody clipboard!!

Davy H said...

A dose of Reg Presley's Wiltshire burr on The Troggs original of THAT song'll sort you all out good and proper (job).

Word verif = "morsi".....!

ally. said...

despite all the awfulness i'm sure they were one of those lots who meant it if you know what i mean. the ones who'd still be singing in boozers if they hadn't made just cos they love it. there's not a lot wrong with being a good pub band whwen it comes down to it. and i bet they'd've done a mean wedding reception (and made a few bridesmaids very happy too)

a Tart said...

Am I sick in the head? I'm kinda liking it all! Chalk it up to my barbaric americanism, oh lordy, I have no shame! And thanks for the link, darli', adding you to my roll as we speak, xoxoox

pmcker said...

Aye, real good stuff. Now, how about some Deacon Blue?