Monday, 23 March 2009

The Questions - Price You Pay

I posted The Questions last week and their song Tuesday Sunshine. I had a few requests for one of their other songs, Price You Pay, which came out in the spring of 1983 and takes me right back whenever I hear it.

I hear it quite often because it is probably one of my all time favourite singles. I love it, from the drum intro, to the Paul Barry ad-libs over the fade. I always think it should have been a huge hit. But that's how it goes sometimes.

The real sound of spring in my head.

The Questions - Price You Pay


Peewit said...

A vastly under rated band. I loved everything that Respond put out very little of which is now available. Now if you were to post Tracie's "I love you when you Sleep" or the A craze's "wearing your jumper" I would be a happy man

Simon said...

Your wish is my command:



A Craze

Peewit said...

o thank you, thank you. This Tracie song I always thought was her best work but it sank like a stone. It was one of the singles I played endlessly and was taken by an unscrupulous record dealer when I was clearing out my Dad's house where I had stored all my records. He took advantage of my grief to have it away with quite a lot of stuff that I had explicitly said not to take.I can't remember now if I had the A craze single but I certainly remember it from the compilation album.

Simon said...

Costello wrote the Tracie tune. I think it put Weller's nose out of joint. Great great song though, lovely vocals.

David Sharpe said...

Thanks for putting A Craze up. I've been looking for that for years. My mate had it as a 45. I remember the pink cover to this day. We were both big Tracie fans. Our first ever gig was Tracie in a small hall in Rugby. Not many there, but we loved it all the same.

Alistair Fitchett said...

Trying to track down Questions and Tracie tracks tonight - blasts from my past! Any chance of re-upping?