Monday, 2 March 2009

Sounds For Sunday Part 2

Matt from Worksop pointed out one absolutely cracking track that might make you go out and buy Felix catfood so I'm going to post that, and as a thank you for reminding me about it I'm also putting up Don Thomas, Come On Train, which is one of my all time favourite Northern tunes, hell, one of my all time favourite tunes by anybody. Beautiful stuff, I absolutely adore the Don Thomas vocals. I'm going to go away and sing very loudly now! And not think about it's connection to Visa one little bit!

Rubin - You've Been Away


Well, Don Thomas was up but no more. I got an email from the nice folks from New State Music who are releasing the track and it's remix, asking me nicely if I'd remove it. And of course I will! Both the original and it's remix are available from iTunes here. Go and buy!!


drew said...

Saw the advert using Come On Train last night, nearly choked on my scampi. But it didn't sound quite right.
I nearly posted it on Friday rather than Ace Spectrum.

Simon said...

I love that song. The version in the ad is a dodgy remix; go to youtube, it's on there, all they've done is add some breakbeat stuff underneath it. Why mess with something this good!?!??

Anonymous said...

nice one dude, I missed Don but what the heck. Thanks anyway.
ps there was also California Soul - Marlena Shaw..........

Simon said...

California Soul isn't one of my faves unfortunately, not by anybody.