Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Rubber Reggae

It's a great game isn't it - recreating Beatles albums purely with cover versions. Here's a handful of great covers of tunes from Rubber Soul, all from the Trojan Beatles box set.

Willie Lindo - Norwegian Wood
Ernie Smith - You Won't See Me
Jackie Robinson - In My Life
Joe White - If I Needed Someone

So, name some tunes to finish the album - in any style of music...

Happy Tuesday!!


Planet Mondo said...

That's a great box set - apologies if I've posted this before but The Crystalites - Lady Madonna is a corker - The Bo Street Runners version of Drive My Car is ace (and why haven't more people covered it)

But this is a great mash based around The Word

Simon said...

Yup, that certainly is a great version of Lady Madonna.

And I love that Bo Street Runners version...

Davy H said...

It's not from the album but it is 'contemporaneous' (!) - so I'm going to have 'Day Tripper' by Sir Otis Redding please.

Anonymous said...

Paul Westerberg does a fine version of Nowhere Man on the I Am Sam OST. And the whole album has already been covered as Rubber Folk, of wich Paul Brady's version of You Won't See Me is a contender