Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Random Play: Yeh-Yeh - You Will Pay

This song is one of a bundle of songs that remind me of my first heart break.
Mixed in with that are snowbound February, rainy March, rainy April, rainy May and the smell of wet paving stones and Benson & Hedges along Old Street. A girl who changed her name four times.

"You Will Pay" by Yeh-Yeh was released in early 1986. Yeh-Yeh were a mod band from Lancashire I think, but I'm not sure. I think this was the only record they released. If you like The Jam and Motown then you'll probably like this brassy power pop tune.

"Now I suppose that it's all over, Well I feel sorry for the next poor boy that you choose I have done my course, Now it's somebody elses turn"

Yeh Yeh - You Will Pay

*Following contact from Andy From Yeh-Yeh, here's somewhere for you to go to see what they're doing now:



Anonymous said...

The single was recorded in '85. Yes, the band were/are from Blackpool in Lancashire and it was the only single we released (apart from an EP tape). Since 2004 the band have reformed and released 2 CD albums and a 3rd is in progress. The band is also now playing gigs around the country.

Hope that helps.



Simon said...

Oh wow!! Thanks for the information. You guys are still around then? Ever play the London area? Any other info to pass onto people?

Anonymous said...


we haven't been to London since Feb '04 when we took part in the 'Mod Aid' 20th Anniversary recording session.

We have a MySpace site now:


We're playing in Burnley on Aug 24th and hopefully Blackpool again on Sept 6th. Also some time in Sept we should be in Belfast and are currently planning other gigs around the country this year and especially in 2009.

The line up is almost the same as back in the 80's bar one member who is MIA somewhere in Scotland but apart from that we have the 4 founder members plus a new drummer.

Hope that's not too much info.



Simon said...

I never saw you live back in the day, I'll have to keep em peeled in case you play near anybody I know so I can do a visit at the same time!

That's really cool. Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

BTW, there's talk of a gig in Stevenage in the not-too-distant-future.

Keep your eye on the ModsReunited Forum for further info. If you're not already a 'member' then here's the link:


wilthomer said...

You and me both brother. I had to part with this 45 because I associated it with the chick who did me in not, once, or twice but three times. The 45 spelled my feelings out perfectly............too much so I think.