Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Random Play: The Creation - Making Time

One of the original 60s Mod bands. Formed from The Mark Four, The Creation were ferocious. Making Time was their debut single in the summer of 1966 and what a debut it was.

Rolling in on a jagged riff and a very funky backbeat, Making Time was far closer to the spirit of punk ten years later than the Summer Of Love a year later. What was punk anyway, but something of a Mod revival? The Creation's guitarist Eddie Phillips was an excellent guitarist, being the first rock player to use a violin bow, which he does on this to beautifully noisy effect.

"Our music is red with purple flashes" indeed!

The Creation - Making Time


ally. said...

i can't keep up you really are on a roll here sunbeam aren't you. i've not played this for an age so ta for the reminder - i'm off to dig out a nuggets...

Simon said...

Cheers mate. I opened up the dam. There's tons of this stuff tucked away...I'm not sure I can stop!!!