Friday, 15 August 2008

Mod Revival '79

Well you could argue that it hadn't really gone away. Punk itself harked back to the mid 60s in it's sound; it was all very Who and Kinks in sound and attitude. But in the late seventies there was a return to the style of the Mod, albeit in a fairly superficial way.

A number of factors may have led to this: the 60s influences of the punks, the film Quadrophenia, based on The Who's album about a Mod called Jimmy, and the success of The Jam, Paul Weller's Mod styled trio. Whatever it was suddenly the place was awash with Fred Perrys and Parkas. And loads of bands.

I leave you on this beautiful Friday night with a selection of the biggest bands from the Mod Revival era.

Secret Affair - Time For Action
Secret Affair - My World
Secret Affair - Dance Master
The Chords - Maybe Tomorrow
The Chords - Somethings Missing
The Chords - I'll Keep On Holding On
The Lambrettas - Poison Ivy
The Lambrettas - Page 3
The Lambrettas - Runaround
The Purple Hearts - Frustration
The Purple Hearts - Can't Help Thinking About Me
The Purple Hearts - I've Been Away


dickvandyke said...

What a bumper bundle end to a top week of blogging. Thanks Simon.

Tall J said...

This has been great stuff. So, are you on to a new topic or will there be more next week?

Simon said...

Not finished yet...there's still more!