Monday, 11 August 2008

Random Play: The Scene

The Scene formed out of the ashes of '79 band 007. Unashamedly retro and very well dressed, they performed very speedy little 60s styled groovers, just as if they were some forgotten band from 65/66 that point where things were getting druggier, and darker.

"Something That You Said" came out in 1984. It's a great little single, all ragged Rickenbacker riffs and 'ba-ba-ba' vocal lines. It's kind of reminiscent of The Teardrop Explodes if they'd done less acid. It starts off running and doesn't stop until the last burst of feedback at the end. "Stop-Go" was the b-side, and supposedly live. Listening to it now I'm not so sure it was actually live - there's some crowd sounds at the start and end, and it's a lot less slick than the a-side, but I suspect it was recorded live in the studio...It reminds me a little of early Smiths, but that's mostly to do with the guitar work. All those jangly Rickenbackers.

"Still my head goes around and round, I feel I'm in the wrong part of town, but you know something that I need, now I've got such a taste for speed..."

The Scene - Something That You Said
The Scene - Stop-Go


ally. said...

blimey it really is modtastic round here at the mo - you'l be going to see secret affair at the aastoria if your not careful

Simon said...

It's going to get worse before it gets better...

Tall J said...

That "live" track is really cool.

wilthomer said...

I bought this single during a visit to the U.K. on Carnaby Street in Sept. '84 and it's one of the handful of post '79 80's U.K. mod records that still holds up 25+ years on!