Friday, 8 August 2008

Random Play: The Lambrettas

More Mod music from my iTunes random.

The Lambrettas and Da-A-Ance. The Lambrettas were one of the Mod revival bands that came out during 1979/80 after the success of The Jam and the return of the Mod fashion. They were always talked about with a bit of a sneer amongst people I knew, as if they were a little bit plastic. But this track is a perfectly fine piece of power pop as far as I'm concerned.

I love the rhythmic changes, the way it rushes along underneath parts of it then stop starts under others. I love the chords, the melancholy feel and the innocence of it. It reminds me of being 16.

To be honest I think The Lambrettas music stands up a lot better than some of the other Mod Revival bands. There's a lot less of The Jam influencing their stuff and it's dated rather better because of that. In my humble opinion.

The Lambrettas - Da-A-Ance


Clair said...

Goodness, that's great. It's one of those tracks that I'd sort of forgotten, but is nevertheless more ingrained in my brain than I'd realised.

Simon said...

I'm always surprised at how much I actually like it; there's a certain amount of nostalgia involved but it's better than just that.

Hope it started your day well!

Planet Mondo said...

What a thumper - I've got guest mix coming up from Tall J soon, which is a great blend of old and new Mod tunes, should be right up your Carnaby St.

Simon said...

I'll definitely be keeping em peeled for that. Tall J's got some grand tastes.

Songs That People Sing is about to go all Mod revival on you lot anyway!

Tall J said...

I love this song. Definitely the best track from this band.

Davy H said...

I had it on a 7" picture disc - Union Jack A side, Brighton Pier B. What larks.