Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Random Play: Purple Hearts

Here are a couple of Purple Hearts rarities.

First up is Just To Please You, which was a b-side of a 1981 (I think) single called My Life's A Jigsaw. I had this track on a compilation called Uppers On The South Downs. It's a cracking little 6ts garage punk number, like early Animals jamming around the bassline from Pretty Woman.

The second track is a very different side to the Purple Hearts, a gorgeous little acoustic ballad called I'll Make You Mine. Originally this was on a compilation put together by Eddie Pillar the founder of the Acid Jazz label, and a prime mover on the 80s mod scene. The compilation was called The Beat Generation And The Angry Young Men and had some corking tunes on it. This was my favourite, due to it's lovely little atmosphere. It's available now on a compilation of Purple Hearts rarities called Smashing Time.

I'll be featuring some more Purple Hearts later on.

Purple Hearts - Just To Please You
Purple Hearts - I'll Make You Mine

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