Saturday, 13 September 2008

Saturday Rest

I'm back at home finally, with the traffic and the dirt and the tower blocks. Thanks to everybody who has left comments the past couple of weeks. Was very much appreciated.

So just to get the old ball rolling again here's something a little random: a track by Wendy James from her Costello penned album "Now Ain't The Time For Your Tears". The lovely little Clash inspired tune LONDON'S BRILLIANT!

Wendy James - London's Brilliant


entrailicus said...

Geçmiş olsun.

So It Goes said...

Welcome back, Simon....and where's our picture of the lovely Wendy???

Davy H said...

Welcome back sunshine.

JC said...

Good to see you around again.

ally. said...

pleasure to see you again sir - funnily enough we were drinking with ms james in the john snow just a few weeks back.