Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Random Play: The Jam (again)

Sometimes a song you think you know inside and out will come on and take you completely by surprise. It will sound fresh and new and like you've never heard it before.

I was on the bus today and Going Underground, followed by Strange Town and The Gift, came on. All three are tunes I could play in my head for the rest of my life without ever having to hear them again.

Going Underground and Strange Town were surprising in how much Weller fit into three minutes and how natural the flow of the tunes felt considering how many separate components were involved. And The Gift just made me want to jump up and down.

I guess what I'm trying to say is familiarity doesn't always breed contempt!

Going Underground
Strange Town
The Gift


adam said...

One of the fantastic things about The Gift, I think, is that by the time you've got there you almost feel like the album's done - side two starts with such a bang and there are such pleasures on it and they all kind of come to a head with Town Called Malice and as that spirals out suddenly this last track bursts into life and is anything but an afterthought.

Simon said...

I know exactly what you mean. And, it's obviously Small Faces influenced, but still it doesn't really sound like anything else The Jam did, hell anything else Weller did. It's so raucous and live sounding; it's one of those things that Weller has always been particularly good at - music that sounds like the lyric and a lyric that sounds like the music. If you know what I mean!

Planet Mondo said...

I was in a band a couple of years ago (on bass) 'Town Called Malice' - always went down a treat live. This Reminds me I haven't heard The Bitterest Pill for years I must dig it out

dickvandyke said...

I could go on for hours
and I probably er, have.

And thanks for Stoned Out Of My Mind x 2.

Davy H said...

I think 'Strange Town' is one of their very, very best songs.

JC said...

Strangely enough, it was hearing Strange Town on the i-pod on random shuffle that inspired my own Posting on the Jam over at TVV.

Strange and spooky world sometimes.