Thursday, 18 September 2008

Random Play: Stoned Out Of My Mind

The Chi-Lites: I first heard this, like a lot of people around these parts, through The Jam covering it on the b-side to their version of Move On Up that came with Beat Surrender in a double pack. I really like Weller's version, I think it's one of the best covers he has done over the years, a really understated vocal, and the way he sounds on the fade ad-libs is great.

But it's not as good as the original, which just turned up as I sit here in sunny North London. The Chi-Lites version is more bouncy and funky and full of that beautiful falsetto vocal.

......Actually, listening to the two back to back The Jam's version does a pretty damn good job. So I think I'll post both of them!


The Chi-Lites - Stoned Out Of My Mind
The Jam - Stoned Out Of My Mind

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Davy H said...

Oh bloody hell Simon I love this song, like you, in both versions.

Sweat soaked through to our jackets and jeans me and Cool Jim piled onto the coach after The Jam in Shepton Mallet 1982 and sang this at the top of our voices and from the bottom of our hearts as we pulled out of the 'showground' headed back to Torbay, elated. (I did the 'You Got Me Going...', Jim did the 'Stoned...!) x