Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Funky Judge

I've got so much music on the computer that sometimes when I'm listening with all dials set to random a song will come on that I've never heard. And I'll sit there wondering how I'd never listened to it before. This is one of those tunes:

The Funky Judge by Bull & The Matadors. This was a US hit in 1968 but I'd never heard it before. I've now listened to it about twenty times! Give it a listen. Knowing you lot you will enjoy it!

And now I've got to go, Stay In My Corner by The Dells just came on....

Bull & The Matadors - The Funky Judge

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Planet Mondo said...

I'm sure I've got Funky Judge somewhere - my fave random pop up this week has been Zoot Money 'Arkansas' a gorgeous little acoustic gem. And whenever any tune from the Las Vegas Grind albums spins up it's always welcome..