Tuesday, 2 September 2008

I Love You

In the midst of all this...sad surreality I find myself on the opposite side of the country to my wife on our 3rd wedding anniversary. My beautiful wife who has been my source of strength for the past few weeks. I couldn't have gotten through these times without her. Every smile I've been able to muster has been because of her.

I love you babe, like nobody's business... ;)

"I am a draper mad with love. I love you more than all the flannelette and calico, candlewick, dimity, crash and merino, tussore, cretonne, crepon, muslin, poplin, ticking and twill in the whole Cloth Hall of the world. I have come to take you away to my Emporium on the hill, where the change hums on wires. Throw away your little bedsocks and your Welsh wool knitted jacket, I will warm the sheets like an electric toaster, I will lie by your side like the Sunday roast."

And now for some music: I was going to post Super Furry Animals' Fire In My Heart, to which my wife walked up the aisle to me on our wedding day. But being away from home I don' t have access to it. I do have something that reminds me of the time leading up to the wedding and, especially, our honeymoon. You might not think this is romantic, but honestly it is!


ally. said...

happy anniversary kids. you've gone and got me all teary

Mrs L xx said...

Happy anniversary darling, I am missing you like nobody’s business. Where was my electric toaster this morning? For the bed was cold and empty without you. But…

I've got a fire in my heart for you
I've got a fire in my heart for you
I've got a fire in my heart
'Though [your] falling apart
Still I've got a fire in my heart for you

… and it’s keeping me warm.

Only three more sleeps till you see your nutter again, oh god I love you so xxxx

‘Send up the sun now
the midnight darkness
is nearly through
[we’re one year] older
but this love is still as true
and hey its gonna be taking me over
this joy is gonna fill me inside out’

JC said...


Tall J said...

These last couple of posts have been quite moving.

Beautiful stuff!

Anonymous said...

I don't think that I can add anything, I will just give the wife a hug when she comes in the door. Lovely post and try to keep smiling

entrailicus said...

This is heart warming.

dickvandyke said...

She kissed my face, and said "life means nothing at all".

So It Goes said...

Trust Simon to remind us of what really matters in life. God bless, both of you.
Steve (15th w/a was this year).

dickvandyke said...

Hey Simon. Just wanted to say hope you're okay mate. With a 'rock' of a missus like you have, you'll come out fighting.

Stay strong.