Sunday, 3 May 2009


Bank Holiday Weekend. Now we're into May the clock is ticking. I'm finding that I'm actually quite calm, but I can't really focus on anything, hence the lack of posts this week, even though the frazzled mind of the previous weeks has relaxed.

Musically I'm exploring the pastoral side of pop, lots of relaxing sounds. Although I'm punctuating that with some spiky punk. More on that later on the week. In the meantime sit back and enjoy some Young Marble Giants and their wonderful Wurlitzer Jukebox.

Heading to the pub for Sunday roast later, which will be nice. Remember, take time to enjoy the weekend, whatever you're doing. Be careful out there!

Young Marble Giants - Wurlitzer Jukebox


Davy H said...

Today, whilst I was cooking our own roast (with veggie option pour moi) I was listening to whatever the old iPo chucked at me, and what should pop up and hour or so in? A crackly rip of 'Wurlitzer Jukebox' from my old YMGs LP.

Hope you are both enjoying the calm before the wonderful, benign, baby-shaped storm.


Word verif = 'bagic' = magic, with bags.

ally. said...

i hope that set you up for the week dearie and that all is well