Monday, 25 May 2009


.....The new Madness album The Liberty Of Norton is superb. Easily the best album they've made, but also one of the best 'London' albums I've heard in a while. Cracking songs, including the early doors favourite of mine Sugar And Spice, which is luvverly!

Like Adam over there I'm not going to post anything from it, because it is really worth your dough.

Go and buy!!!!

Meanwhile little sunshine is even more luvverly...sigh....


dickvandyke said...

Thanks for the tip Simon .. and Adam. I will seek it out.

I find it a little difficult to take Madness 100% seriously as an album group. Perhaps - all these years on - it's the perfect time for them to produce the goods?

Nice to know you still have time to listen and review new songs Simon. Congratulations again.

Watch the little acorn thrive and grow.

Much love.

JC said...

I thought about buying this after reading a very complimentary review in 'The Word' mag while lazing on a beach...but wanted to see if one or two usual suspects would back it up.

And you have. So its a stop at the local indie record store tomorrow