Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Random Play: Sneaker Pimps

Here's a tune from the mid 90s, Sneaker Pimps and their major hit 6 Underground. I loved this tune: this version is the album mix, which isn't as concise as the single mix. I think I've about 5 or 6 mixes of this.

Looking back over everything the mid 90s might just be my favourite time for music.

Meanwhile: a quick rush through the blogs I've had going on in my head that I can't quite be bothered to write or upload for!:

ashes to ashes, episode 4 of this series was everything the rest of this series and the first series for that matter should have been: dark and humourous rather than tongue in cheek and strong in story and acting. The rest of Ashes To Ashes feels like a blurry mess compared to this one. "pigbag - papa's got a brand new pigbag"

last gang in town: I'm finally coming to terms with the fact that I'll never form the next Clash, I'll never be the next Joe Strummer. Does this mean I'm growing up? Although I'm still convinced I'll be the next Han Solo when they remake Star Wars. "the clash - stay free"

40 and frisky. I'm absolutely obsessed with Pokerface by Lady GaGa. Damn fine pop music with a soaring chorus. Even if it does sample Boney M. I never thought I'd still get obsessed with pop music once I was...middle aged. Is middle aged the new teens? "Lady GaGa - Pokerface"

I can't quite believe the stories about the MPs and their expenses. Part of me, the cynic isn't surprised. Another part wonders if any of us wouldn't take the option if it was given to us to have our bills paid for us. I worked in the music industry for a few years, and have many friends who still do. Freebies were our lifeblood, mostly because wages were so crappy. And would you say no to free albums or gig tickets? But those freebies weren't paid out of taxpayers pockets. Tax payers who are being told how bad the recession is and could be, by these people who are then claiming for help on second homes and swimming pools and luxury furnishings. But mostly I'm surprised by how many of them really don't look sorry or apologetic: surprise and annoyance is what I'm seeing in most of their faces; surprise that people are angry and annoyance that they may have to give up these perks. Latest news is that some of them might be investigated by the police to see if fraud has occurred, and the possibility of huge tax bills on the horizon is very likely. Which is I guess a way of saying you have to give it back. Wonder where it will end up then? "booker-t & the mgs - hang em high"

Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground


Planet Mondo said...

It had it on so many Trip-Hop comps, I can't remember which mix I actually had. Although I often got them mixed up with Morcheeba -
I think I've got a track by the Sneaker Pimps singer somewhere which is a peach..

ally. said...

that's three damn fine posts you've got going there brother and all longer than about six months worth of the twaddle you get round mine.