Friday, 8 May 2009

Random Play: Generation X

Generation X's version of Shaking All Over today; a fantastic song and Gen X do it justice. In fact Billy Idol was probably born to perform it and it's filled with some great guitar work too. All of which go together to make it one of my favourite cover versions, and certainly my favourite Gen X performance.

Meanwhile in other news: all my plans for the week have been left by the wayside. A week bookended by 'false labour' has left us feeling absolutely knackered. Strangely calm however.

Very exciting!

Generation X - Shaking All Over


ally. said...

shake it down the backbone yourself.
i shall play this very very loud if my lovely pne win their first round play off match tonight. it's tense as hell round here

Davy H said...

'False labour' eh? I think I voted for them once.

Hang on in there kids!

(btw, if you like this you must be now be ready for Dr Feelgood).

wv: fulum - just across the river.

Simon said...

Love Dr Feelgood Mr D. A bit of Wilko Johnson never did anybody any harm!!

Ally, just get some gin down you; that'll settle your nerves!

Davy H said...

It's 1-1 at 64 mins! She'll have bitten through the glass!!