Saturday, 12 April 2008

Sounds For Sunday

I said I'd get around to posting some reggae. I'm afraid I went a little mad this week. I've an embarrassment of riches for you this week. Most of the tunes come from various Trojan compilations. If you've always wanted to get into reggae but just don't know where to start, a really good place to begin is the series of Trojan box sets. Most of them have an average of about 50 tracks, and you can guarantee most of those tracks will be excellent.

Ok, the tunes today can be split into a variety of themes, shall we say. There are a couple of classic instrumentals, a couple of great dub tunes, some classic soul tunes that you might know by other people, and some tunes from my favourite of the box sets: Trojan X-Rated.

Keep your ears peeled for some familiar moments amongst these tunes: Clash fans may recognise 'Marijuana' by another name; and Specials fans might find something interesting about 'Birth Control'....

Turn up the bass, get the roast in the oven and sit back and enjoy:

Sly & The Revolutionaries- Marijuana
Dave & Ansell Collins - Double Barrel
Chosen Few - Shaft
Lloydie & The Lowbites- Birth Control
Chosen Few - Tears Of A Clown
Augustus Pablo - Keep On Dubbing
John Holt - Stoned Out Of My Mind
Augustus Pablo & Fae- Bedroom Mazurka
Jay Boys- I Can't Get Next To You
Charlie Ace & Fay- Punanny
The Harry J Allstars- Liquidator
Bunny"Ruggs"Clarke - Be Thankful For What You've Got


ally. said...

bloody hell - thats a bit tiddly back from watching the football sorted then.
i've not got much of the trojan stuff - it's often a bit well done for me- so i look forward to being converted

Simon said...

There will probably be more over the course of the week. Just a little bit obsessed today!

Mick said...

Liquidator takes me back to my childhood they way only a great record can. Any chance you've got Dandy Livingstone's Big City?

Simon said...

Dandy Livingstone - Big City

There you go Mick! Liquidator always puts a spring in my step.

Mick said...

Simon, you're a star. I posted the Missing Scientists cover of this a few weeks ago and in an ideal world I would have posted this too. Unfortunately, I didn't have it. Thanks a million.

Simon said...

A pleasure. :)

Planet Mondo said...

Right up my Reggae street - Top work

Roman Empress said...

Trojan's where it's at. It's all you need?

Planet Mondo said...

Simon - have a peep at this
Ray Connif goes reggae !!

Well worth a wallop.