Sunday, 6 April 2008

Sounds For Sunday

April 2nd would have been Marvin Gaye's 69th birthday. Sadly April 1st was the date he died back in 1984. So for my Sounds On Sunday I'm sticking with soul and some tunes by the great man. (I'll get round to some more reggae soon. Promise.)

I've got a couple of tunes that most people won't associate with Mr Gaye and one stone cold classic Marvin.

Lets Get It On: What can you say about this, it's pure gold. In my mind the best 'loverman' soul tune of all time. What a groove, it's just pure sex. And Marvin's voice just glides over the top of it like cream. I melt every time I hear it. It also puts a huge smile on my face because this was my wife and I's first dance at our wedding......heh....

Cloud Nine: You'll no doubt know The Temptation's psychedelic soul classic version. I've just been enjoying a rediscovery of that particular era of The Temptations. Their version is superb, one of the best musical performances too of any Motown tune. The rhythm section is just wonderful. While hitting the shuffle on my iPod The Temptations version came on followed by Edwin Starr's version (with it's segue into Sly Stone towards the end) followed by Marvin's version. It's not as good as either of those versions, but there's something of a thrill to hear him singing it. That honey voice lends it a whole different feel.

Groovin': The original of this by The (Young) Rascals is my all time favourite Sunday afternoon summer tune. That's a (blue eyed) soul classic all of it's own. Again, I prefer the original, but this floats along on a funky groove; and Marvin just sounds so smooth on top of it all. Beautiful.

Sleep well Marvin.

(and just as a late addition, because a) I couldn't find it earlier, and b) to play blog tennis with Ally over at dustysevens; Marvin's absolutely lovely version of Sunny, and on top of that, a cracking version of My Girl)
My Girl


Roman Empress said...

Lovely, my tunes for the afternoon now fixed! x

Simon said...

Pleased to be of service :)

Planet Mondo said...

Have you heard the 'Wonderwall' and 'Sexual Healing' mashup - it's a treat

Thanks for the Spandau shout too.

Roman Empress said...

I was listening to Sunny on a total loop earlier.

Simon said...

:) to both of you!