Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Burning The Midnight Blog

I really should be asleep by now; work in the morning. But my mind is all over the place tonight. This blogging lark is a weird and wonderful thing. Weird because, I would never ever in a million years have thought I'd be sharing pretty personal things with complete strangers. And wonderful because that sharing has led to some pretty odd coincidences. Good coincidences but odd all the same.

I guess in blog form people still gravitate to people a lot like them. And as, according to some, I'm a little unique - weird as some would put it - it stands to reason that some of the people that I gravitate to online would know some of the same people in real life. Weird moves in small circles!

A little late night listening: Hurrah! were a jangly guitar band in the early 80s who moved towards stadium rock by the middle of the same decade. This particular tune seems to be about a lost love, about youth passing, about getting older and not wanting to settle for settling. It was a big tune for me at the time; moving into my late teens and having to make the big decisions about life and trying to leave behind - reluctantly - innocence. Of course, nobody told me that I didn't have to. Thankfully I realized in time...

Hurrah! Sweet Sanity

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