Saturday, 19 April 2008

Sons And Daughters

JC over at The Vinyl Villain had Sons And Daughters in his 45 45s at 45 rundown yesterday, with their song Johnny Cash. Here's the opening track from their latest album This Gift, produced by Mr Bernard Butler. The album's well worth checking out, if you like a mix of Blondie and The Birthday Party; chock full of big drums, big guitars, big voices and big hooky tunes.

Remember: Turn it up!


JC said...

I beg to differ on this Simon.

By far and away the most disappointing thing the band has churned out.

Doesn't hold a candle to either of the first two LPs

Simon said...

I think it's really good. What I do think is there's a certain push towards a more 'commercial' sound. I mention Blondie, cos it reminds me of the moves they made on Parallel Lines. The first two albums Blondie made were a little more obscure - great albums, but a lot more punk. On their third album Blondie turned into a pop machine. I suspect that was the intention here with Sons And Daughters.

It does seem to have disappointed a lot of fans, if reviews across the net are anything to go on.