Thursday, 13 March 2008

Sun Is Shining

After the weather of the past few days I'm feeling the first signs of spring. Blossoms on the trees lining the road to the station in the morning, and down by the church at the end of the street the bluebells are appearing.

Saint Etienne's Spring would have been suitably sunny but I opted for this, a nearly hit from the early 80s. Not quite as optimistic, but it gets me singing everytime:

"You spoil my day for the rest of the night"

The Bluebells: Cath

(The sunshine appears to have gone into hiding. Nevermind. I'm still feeling sunny...)


Planet Mondo said...

I've never heard it before, but it's like Haircut 100 meets The The - good shout.

Darren said...

Great band. Shame that people will forever associate them with a song from a car advert.