Friday, 14 March 2008


...was the year after I left school. I had money in my pocket thanks to a decent part time job and was meeting, thanks to transferring to a sixth form college, like minded people for the first time. Many of whom were girls. That was a pleasant surprise after being at a boy's school; the only girls I knew where the girls from my estate, who just thought I was weird. I also fell in love for the first time. I mean really fell, head over heels. That can't eat can't sleep can't breath when she's around kind of infatuation. And of course it was unrequited. Or so I thought. I found out years later that the only reason she kept her distance was my reputation (not undeserved I must add) for being a party animal. Oh well. She became a Liberal Democrat MP so maybe fate was kind.

The Godfathers - This Damn Nation
Sharp suits and ferocious garage rock.

The Redskins - Levi Stubbs Tears
A live version of the Billy Bragg classic by the left wing skinhead trio. Fantastic vocals.

The Wolfhounds - LA Juice.
More ferocious garage rock. Must have been something in the water at the time.

The Bodines - Heard It All
Melancholy jangle pop. Unfortunately this isn't the Creation single, this is the more slick Ian Broudie produced b-side from 1987. But hey, it's a great song nonetheless.


Planet Mondo said...

Don't know any of those, but The Godfathers is right up my rocking street - they're on Myspace you know.
Shame they never caught on, they were well ahead of the game.I had a couple of Sid Presley Experience singles.

It's worth checking out The Damned's 'Not Of This Earth' album where one of The Godfather steps in for Sensible

Morrisey's shadow is all over The Bodines

Simon said...

The Godfathers were a great live band as well. Yeah, The Bodines were very Smiths influenced. Strangely though I wasn't into The Smiths. Everybody I knew was except me. My big musical obsessions that year were Big Audio Dynamite and Elvis Costello's King Of America and Blood And Chocolate. But The Bodines did a couple of good singles: Therese, which was a stomping tune sounded more like Teardrop Explodes..

Hmmm. World Shut Your Mouth....I'll have to dig that up!

Davy H said...

You fell head over heels in love with a woman who became a Liberal Democrat MP?? I DEMAND TO KNOW WHO! Shirley Williams??

Simon said...

Lol, no, this one didn't wear tweed

JC said...

1986.....I was at work.

How utterly depressing

ally. said...

fine choices sunshine - takes me right back to those drunken fanzine selling gig every other night 45s in little plastic covers days. and funnily enough i was drinking with david callahan from the wolfhounds just last week.

Any major dude with half a heart said...

Oh, my heart made a leap when I saw the Redskins' version of Levi Stubbs Tears. Alas, the link is down.

I'm really enjoying your blog, and a reciprocal link will go up soon.

Any major dude with half a heart said...

Well, inspired by you I found me the live version of Levi Stubbs Tears. Superior to Bragg's original, in my view.

redrosesforme said...

I remember buying the Wake Up fanzine to get the 12" with that Redskins track on it. Sadly I no longer have it and the MP3 has long gone from here! Any chance I could get a copy?

sexy said...
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