Sunday, 23 March 2008

Sounds For Sunday

Happy Easter. My wife and I were driving around South Wales yesterday, and we had a snowstorm. Not exactly the most ideal weather to have on our mini holiday.

Two tunes for today:

Summertime by Billy Stewart. One of my favourite vocal performances of all time. Really dynamic and powerful.

Blue Eyed Soul by the Biddu Orchestra. Biddu produced Kung Fu Fighting by Karl Douglas. This instrumental sounds like the theme to a Seventies cop show. A friend of mine has it as his ringtone. When his phone rings it makes everybody look!

Billy Stewart - Summertime

Biddu Orchestra - Blue Eyed Soul


Planet Mondo said...

Loving the 'Biddu' - I can just imagine the title sequence

ally. said...

all contestants on bleeding tv talent shows should have to sing summertime like that. that'd sort the buggers out