Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sounds For Sunday: WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!

Something a bit more up to date than usual; this is only 10 years old.

Blimey, 10 years old already! I've got Basement Jaxx today with the absolutely amazing Red Alert which I've had on replay all week. A prime slice of punk funk that just grooves all the way from start to finish, with an outstanding vocal performance and so many things going on that the track feels like it's on the verge of explosion at any moment.

Basement Jaxx - Red Alert

And as an extra, something that might sound a bit familiar to those of you who know the track:


Planet Mondo said...

Love that Locksmith tune too - very Gap Band

JC said...

In my last fling of youth some 10 years ago away with the boys on a week's golfing holiday in Spain, I discovered Red Alert and Red Bull on the same night.

Lots of dancing. Very little sleep. Next to no birdies.

ally. said...

gee whizz was it that long ago really ? for an age this was the only good record record i'd hear and rush to the floor to in disreputable homosexual haunts to awful to mention. i'll have very strange dreams now

Darcy said...

The Locksmith album "Unlock The Funk" was HOT back in 1980. So many great grooves.

sexy said...