Friday, 20 February 2009

Random Play

Everyone else seems to go for a dance on Friday. I think I'll go a little bit dreamy.

I inherited from a family friend the first four Blondie albums back in about 1982. When we were younger kids we used to listen to them in his front room and pretend we were Clem Burke, while his twin sister pretended to be Debbie Harry.

And here I am 30 years later still listening to them. And going off in a day dream to the best whoaah woahs ever.

Happy Friday!

Blondie - Shayla


Davy H said...

Me and Mrs H were playing a lot of Blondie at about the point you were posting this - Dreaming, Union City Blue, Heart Of Glass and some things from Autoamerican (which no-one likes apart from me) x

Word verif: commyc - well, yes, sometimes it all is...

drew said...

Debbie Harry, I can still remember her on top of the pops doing Sunday Girl.

Eat To The Beat is my favourite Blondie album what with this, Dreaming and Union City Blues

Davy H said...

PS: Nice to see morosi in situ.

Planet Mondo said...

Stunning - effortlessly sexy. There really is no one else like her - (well maybe Kate Bush)

Simon said...

Amazing how a bit of Debs can get everyone posting!

I like Autoamerican, but Eat To The Beat and Plastic Letters are my faves.

ally. said...

oh blimey. she does looks good in blue don't she