Friday, 13 February 2009

February 14th #1

Happy Valentines Day to my beautiful wife x


Davy H said...

He-hey! HAPPY BIRTHDAY and welcome to the Fourth Decade dude: it totally rocks!! (I'd do a celebratory dance but I might put me back out) x

Davy H said...

Ooops. I put that under the wrong post: where's me glasses?

Hang on, I'll go and put it under the other one and you can delete these.

dickvandyke said...

See how Davy is struggling with his age Simon? He told me he'd rather have Parkinsons than Alzheimers; in that he'd rather spill his drink than forget where he put it.

Happy birthday our kid.

Here - in the Middle Ages, alongside the great and the good, you are already nearer 50 than 30.

Tis a big year for you.

Stay strong of will and be loved.