Saturday, 19 July 2008

Roddy Frame

Adam posted both of the original versions of these two tracks earlier this week at Pretending Life Is Like A Song (yes, he's back...check out my bloglists for the link). And while I love the originals I've been listening to a couple of live versions far more than they.

So here's Mr Roddy Frame with some songs recorded live at Ronnie Scott's back in 2005.

How Men Are, with it's segue into People Get Ready in the middle and an absolutely stunning Good Morning Britain. Who knew it could be so gorgeous and glittering?

Roddy Frame - How Men Are
Roddy Frame - Good Morning Britain

(I've mentioned on more than one occasion the presence of Spandau Ballet's Kemp brothers in the old boys list from my old school. But possibly more interesting, and certainly in connection with this post, was the attendance of one Ronnie Scott...)


ally. said...

i was there i was and he was smashing - although i always wish he wouldn't 'perform' quite so much if you know what i mean. that 'surf' lp still gets played in all it's sad lovliness a lot round here

adam said...

I was going to ask you to post these after you mentioned them the other day! Brilliant, very lovely.

Uncle E said...

A pity Mick Jones wasn't with him on this live track as he was on the album (for Good Morning Britain). Still, I always loved Aztec Camera live. His live version of The Birth Of The True is an all time live favorite of mine!

Greer said...

I'd never heard that version of Good Morning Britain, really lovely. Thank you so much.

Simon said...

No, thank you. :)

JC said...

Wonderful stuff. Good Morning Britain in its original form has dated somewhat....this version is timeless.

I second Greer's emotion

Anonymous said...

Saw him do How Men Are in London in 06 like this, and was lucky to be sitting alongside Edwyn. A fine night. The Good Morning Britain track you've posted is actually from Ronnie Scotts in '91. It was part of a series of 'live at Ronnie Scotts' tracks released as part of the 'Dream Sweet Dreams' and 'Spanish Horses' singles from the Ryuichi Sakamoto -produced Dreamland album. There's a few more beauts like this.