Friday, 25 July 2008


Elvis In Memphis. Elvis at his absolute best.

Stranger In My Own Home town
Power Of My Love
Only The Strong Survive
Wearin' That Loved On Look
True Love Travels On A Gravel Road


Planet Mondo said...

Magic.Magic.Magic. He was absolutely on fire at this time (and in the early Vegas period)

Have you seen this unscripted outtake from the 68 Special - While the offstage boffins were making technical tweaks between takes, Elvis asks for his guitar, kicks off the riff for 'Baby What You Want Me To Do' and the orchestra jump in and start jamming.

It's well worth grabbing the 4 DVD set from the 68 show if you see it.

ally. said...

you're cooking tonight sweetpea - my faves still that's the way it is but this is by far the brilliantest studio lp. mighty fine. i've got all must go back to gracelands now

ally. said...

come to think of it elvis now is pretty darned fab too

Planet Mondo said...

Have you heard the original mixes on Elvis In Memphis/Back In Memphis albums - they're a bit dry and pan hard left/right with vox in the middle.

The the original versions were given a make over and 'contemporised' for the Memphis Album CD, and all the better for it too.

Simon said...

I love the 68 special. While my dad loved 60s soul and things like the Stones and The Kinks, my mum was an Elvis and country fan so I grew up with Mr P. Every time the 68 special was shown on TV we had to watch!

Simon said...

The copy I've got was an RCA version on cd from the late 80s called The Memphis Record; it's got the extra tracks that weren't on the original release. Different running order too. Damn good though!

Planet Mondo said...

That's the one Simon - it's a comp of
tracks from Elvis In Memphis/Back In Memphis given some tweakage

Two other must have are

Elvis Country - don't be put off by the title it's just good as the Memphis CD and Essential Elvis Vol.4: a Hundred Years from Now which are undubbed studio masters with between song banter and a great studio jam