Friday, 11 April 2008

Big Bold And Brassy!

And while we're on the subject of big brassy pop, here's some Animal Nightlife, and the much missed (in This House at least...see what I did there?) Big Sound Authority....


dickvandyke said...

Where is this from Simon? I don't recall seeing it at the time.

'This House' was probably the song of the year for me back then.
The string vest and braces look didn't last too well.

Thanks mate.

Simon said...

The Animal Nightlife vid must have come from some TV programme; looks like one of the Channel4 ones that weren't the Tube.

The BSA clips come from a gig they did at The Camden Palace; there's a whole load of clips with these ones on YouTube; it's available as a DVD. I thought they great as well; some of the songs haven't dated well, but the best of them are as good as anything else any of the 'soulboy' bands did.

CTV said...

Ah, I was at that gig. I thought it was in December '84, but it probably was in January '85. A great gig indeed.