Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Still Alive

I had a message asking if I was still alive this week. Well, I am!

It wasn't swine flu in the end, but it was a particularly nasty infection with some symptoms that were very flu-like. A couple of weeks later and a course of antibiotics and I'm up and running again.

Now, I hear you ask, where is the blogging? Where is the music? Well, not really been up to doing much of that lately; in fact I'm not sure what I've even been listening to. It is a blip at the moment though, there's a lot of things going on obviously at home and at work so... and besides which, all my music is on a separate drive and I'm sitting in another room on a laptop. Really can't be bothered to unplug things and replug them. Sigh.

I'm hoping things will settle down somewhat in a few weeks. I may be hoping in vain mind you!

In other news I've just discovered one of you lot (Mr Planet Mondo himself) is working about thirty yards down the street from where I work. I'm not quite sure whether to buy him a pint or stalk him. :)

Anyway, here's a tune I did have to hand, and it's a cracker. One of my most favourite remixes ever, and the moment when suddenly the world joined the dots between eras for me. A real lightbulb moment!

Happy Mondays - WFL (Wrote For Luck) - Vince Clarke mix


Planet Mondo said...

I'm all for a sneaky snifter, cheer's for the shout out - love that remix BTW

ally. said...

if you fancy making it a crowd it'd be lovely to see you both.

glad you're feeling better sunshine

Uncle E said...

That remix, along with Loaded by Primal Scream, altered the way I listened to music forever. And that's a good thing.
Also, thanks for the kind words on my little blog. Good luck in your move as well.

Planet Mondo said...

I'm up for it Ally and we're all on f/book should be a breeze to sort

dickvandyke said...

Glad to hear you are mooching about again old son ... if not quite swimming with the dolphins yet.

Crikey - you and PM and ally slipping the odd sherbert. That'll be the Old Compton Street Rat-Pack then.

Look after you and yours matey boy.

Eleanor said...

Am relieved to hear you're alive and well! It's good it wasn't swine flu after all, but sounds rather unpleasant anyway.

Good health will surely accompany more blog posts and musical tidings. Am looking forward to hearing the Vince Clarke mix! Take care!

JC said...

Not been by for a while. Sorry to hear that you've been poorly, but glad you're on the mend.

Go on....meet up with Mondo. I've been lucky enough to meet and get on like a house on fire with fellow-bloggers Colin, Drew, Ed & Matthew. All of them even more fun in the flesh than in cyberspace....

Oh and I had been intending to feature WFL over at my own place next week. I'll put it back on the shelf for a while...