Sunday, 5 October 2008

Sounds For Sunday

A handful of cover versions today of a song that has always irritated me in it's original form. Yesterday by The Beatles. I don't know why it irritates me so, it always has. Even as a child I found it to be cheesy. The fact that we sometimes sang it in school assembly probably didn't help.

That's a little strange looking back: but there were a few teachers that were definite hippies. One of my teachers had a boyfriend who would sometimes come to the school in his Afghan coat and play songs on his guitar. They drove a VW minibus covered in flower transfers. This was when I was about six or seven. We thought they were great.

Anyway here's three versions that make me listen to this song with new ears.

Marvin Gaye - Yesterday
The Bar-Kays - Yesterday
Roosevelt 'Rosey' Grier - Yesterday

The last one is probably my favourite here. And Rosey Grier's story is pretty amazing.

I have Funky16Corners blog to thank for introducing me to this one! Lovely stuff!


Davy H said...

Bar Keys versh - LOVE!

Planet Mondo said...

I'm a mad fabs fan - and can't stand Yesterday either - but these are really 'gear'

ally. said...

cor that grier chap - what a guy. thanks a zillion for that little link - well found

ally. said...

and there aren't many beadles songs that aren't a whole lot better sung by someone else