Sunday, 19 October 2008

Bongo Jams A Speciality

(otherwise known as Sounds For Sunday..)

I've been on something of a Clash tip this week. Makes for poor blogging though, because as I said the other day, they mean so much to me that I find it difficult to put anything into words.

Here's a little something Clash connected today: the original version of Revolution Rock, which The Clash covered on their best album London Calling.

Revolution Rock - Danny Ray


Uncle E said...

You just inspired me to do a mini-rant on Sandanista!...Stay tuned.

ally. said...

fine choice mister - they sure could pick good old tunes to cover. if only weller had taken note.

you might like a listen to a bit of radio two saturday night excitement (i'm way out there kids).

entrailicus said...

Did you know Strummer was Turkish? He was born in Ankara as his dad was there on diplomatic duties at the time.