Wednesday, 27 February 2008

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things...

and your bird can sing; walk out to winter; the great depression; mr blue sky; the look of love; kings of the wild frontier; come on train; sixty eight guns; see those eyes; complete control; uptown top ranking; native boy; sweet jane; dolphins; devil in my car; you're a better man than i; taste of cindy; ten miles high; paint it black; gloria; london lady; meeting over yonder; stupid marriage; infected; me, myself and i; smokebelch II; same old scene; david watts; sad eyed lady of the lowlands; lady love your c**t; levi stubbs tears; boxerbeat; whole wide world; dot dash; what's my scene; the morning fog; you keep running away; stutter; rattlesnakes; iou; country of the blind; desire as; happy house; i feel for you; birds; back on the chain gang; panic in detroit; guns of brixton; careless memories; heartache avenue; electricity; tiny sticks; chant no 1; another hazy day on the lazy a; my feet keep dancing; on the beat pete; tell your parents i hate their guts; john wayne is big leggy; china girl; joe 90; pretty green; the things that dreams are made of; the girl with the sun in her head; running on the spot; you keep me hanging on; church of the poison mind; v2; somebody elses guy; the horse; rock the house; i'm falling; what; m386; include me out; best thing that ever happened to me; friday night saturday morning; cap in hand

(iTunes, random play: a hard habit to break)


dickvandyke said...

hayzi fantayzi and no tube station?

only kidding old cock.

i'd go along with most of those in my favourite shop!

Simon said...

Don't get me started on my 'real' favourites. I'd pull out my hair trying to decide. If I had much left that is.