Thursday, 21 February 2008

First Post First Single

And that first single I bought for 75p back in February 1981? "Kids In America" by Kim Wilde.

Kim, if you've never heard of her, was kind of the Home Counties Debbie Harry, all peroxide hair and New Wave sneer. Kim was also the first poster on my wall.

And, for a first single purchase, Kids In America is actually a really great pop tune, atmospheric synth pop verses and a big catchy New Wave chorus.

A lot of people talk about their first music purchases in a sheepish tone, too embarrassed sometimes to admit to it and rewriting history by claiming something cooler. But I think this wasn't a bad choice for starting my music collection!

Kids In America (file removed)


Crash Calloway said...

Brilliant. And a pretty cool first single too.

If there was one thing missing from the 'declaration of independence' thing it was 'Rule 1. Everyone Should Have A Blog'. Good to see you.

Simon said...

Thank you. :)

dickvandyke said...

Welcome aboard Simon. I am a non-blogger these days, but as you may have seen, I leave comments on only the best blogs around! It won't be long before you have a nucleus of die-hards to spur you on.

I did enjoy a couple of years on 'Last Night An MP3 Saved My Wife' before the curtain had to come down.

And you can't go wrong with Kim Wilde matey!

Mick said...

Good post. It’s amazing how many peoples first purchase was Anarchy In The UK or In The City when you know they have a Pussycat or Shakin Stevens record tucked away somewhere.

I remember John Peel reviewing this single and lampooning the cockney voices singing "We're the kids...We're the kids in America!" We all had a little chuckle at the time. A few weeks later I read an interview (probably in Smash Hits which nobody read, of course) where she said how upset she was to hear her first single that she was very proud of being ripped apart on air. Must admit I had a little twinge of guilt. Peely had a point of course but the rest of the record was a nice early 80’s pop song.

Davy H said...

Your first post and you've got four comments! Well, it's nothing less than you deserve after your well-informed and generous comments at our places over the past few months. Well done on getting it going - *keep on burning*.

ally. said...

she was at gardening school in enfield the same time as me you know. she spent a lot of time in the caff.