Sunday, 14 June 2009

Blow Away The Cobwebs

I've been in a little bubble for a little while now, months maybe. I'm going to be exposed to the real world on Monday, none of this purified air any longer, only other peoples germs and bad moods. I really do need to find a new walk, a new swagger to deal with this strange new planet I find myself on. But in the meantime the old tunes carry enough weight to lift me up ten feet high.

"First lets hear somebody sing me a record that cries pure and true"

Deep breathe in, breath out slowly. And relax.

Or alternatively, as somebody I know said earlier today:

"Gram of billy and half a bottle of vodka comming right up !!"

Dexys Midnight Runners - Let's Make This Precious


dickvandyke said...

Bon chance Simon (or Bon Marche).

Goodbye Mothercare - Hello Monday morning commute.

You'll slip back into it like a freshly lubed conger. (Pardon my vernacular).

Use your sharp new perspective of life and chuckle quietly to yourself as the headless chickens fire-fight their way into 'crucial' meetings and 'urgent' steering commitees.

Your boy will be waiting.

Chin up mate ... it's all good.

Joanne said...

You won't be the only one counting down the hours till you are home again. I couldn't have got through the past nine months and 24 days without you. The Little King and I will be waiting with the stereo on for our crazy Monday night kitchen disco! We both love you like nobody's business. Mrs L & her new boyfriend xx

ally. said...

well i hope you survived and that we'll get the full rundown of the monday night kitchen disco. if you need a supportive lunchtime half/cup of tea do give us a shout and i'd be happy to oblige

Anonymous said...

The heroism of fatherhood begins now, you poor sod.

Great choice of Dexys track, by the way.

Greer said...
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Greer said...

ack, I accidentally deleted my comment... hope it's going well over there.

ally. said...

gee i tell you what a gram of billy and a bottle of vodka would go bloody well round here right now. summer colds - it's the only way to cure them

i hope all is good with you all

JC said...

Is it just me.....but those words from Joanne put a huge big grin on my face.

Hope the work isnt getting in the way of the happiness.

Joanne said...

Glad I made you smile JC!