Monday, 6 April 2009

Paul Haig Day

It's Paul Haig Day on the blogs. Go to the good man JC's pages here at the Vinyl Villain for information.

My little tribute to Paul is from a different angle today, because one of my favourite records he was involved in was the collection Memory Palace, a series of recordings made with Billy Mackenzie in the 90s. It's an amazing record, showing that, at the time of recording, both musicians best was still ahead of them. Sadly these recordings didn't see the light of day until after Billy's death.

It's a pretty diverse collection and yet one that hangs together beautifully; electronics next to guitars; moody cold ballads next to uptempo rockers. And the mighty Give Me Time, a Bond theme that never was.

Meanwhile Paul has released a long and interesting series of excellent albums; Cinematique 2 is a particular favourite that gets a regular listen. Please go here to Paul's own record label Rhythm Of Life and investigate immediately!

Happy Monday!

Haig/Mackenzie - Give Me Time
Haig/Mackenzie - Thunderstorm
Haig/Mackenzie - Take A Chance
Haig/Mackenzie - Listen To Me
Haig/Mackenzie - Listen Again


JC said...

Wonderful tunes.

Thanks for helping out....

Anonymous said...


thanks for your support. look out for new releases and exclusive tracks from ROLinc coming via the Vinyl Villain in future. Keep spreading the word about new music…